Okay, this is something that’s been bugging me for years, now. This is a video of Hayley Williams being a generally sucking human being. She kicks and spits at a security guard for supposedly hitting a fan, and a lot of people are saying ‘shows how much love she has for fans’ or ‘i’d love to get spat on my a godess’, no. Hayley is human, she has flaws like you and me. People need to stop idolising her every action, deeming it acceptable purely because she’s Hayley Williams. She’s done some pretty crappy things that people merely brush aside, but would not have if it was done by other people. It’s not okay, and we need to stop glorifying her wrong actions.

There, I said it.

I Think you need to contextualize this video because I Am afraid you are interpretathing this video in the Wrong way. Just saying

I had actually never seen this video or heard of this incident. I feel like if we were still on LJ, things like this would still get known and talked about by the diehard fans, and also by Hayley, who would comment there about it. (Although apparently she said something about it on instagram? idk.)

A lot of fans tend to treat Hayley like she has to behave at a way higher standard than we would ourselves or than we would expect from our friends. And it’s wrong.

As a fan, I am seriously touched that she gives that much of a shit about a security guard hitting a fan who paid money to come and see Paramore that she would show her anger that much, knowing everyone is going to see that. Sometimes, you’re sick of seeing people be assholes and you snap and have a moment where you let it out and get mad. We’ve all done it. But oh, no, she’s not allowed to do that. She has to behave “perfectly” no matter what. It’s stupid.

What I got out of the video is this: Hayley’s a human being. Who cares about her fans. That’s all.

Also, do you see how the guard doesnt leave after she gestures at him to leave? I think I would kick someone who was hitting another person after I told them to fuck off. And as the comment above says, Hayley isn’t perfect! This just shows that she has feelings too and she got angry, purely because she cares about the fans.

excuse my language but what the fuck? How do you (the first person who started this useless discussion) even think you have the right to judge on this, when you got to see only seconds of all that happened. Who says the dude wasn’t being a total shit all night? And also, this is not the real story. I’ve seen many videos of this incident, and he wasn’t only being rude to fans, he was turned to Hayley the whole time AND shouting sexual comments at her. That’s also one of the reasons why she keeps pointing at the crowd, he’s supposed to face the crowd, that’s his job. He was being super rude, from what I understood last time someone talked about this. So you got not right to say she was acting like an asshole. She got every right to do this. And even is she didn’t, who the fuck cares, she’s human, and if someone is being rude to you, I’m damn sure you’ll do something back. 

Thanks for the info, cause I didn’t know that other stuff.

personally I think it’s fucking cool that she did that.  Security guards think they have the right to mad-handle the audience as they deem fit and its shit.  I can almost guarantee i’ve been handled by security in a way that would be considered physical assault in an outside situation.